18 Feb


To introduce this lesson, we read Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner, which tells about all the animals that live under the snow and ice during the winter. I cut small pine branches from our Christmas tree at home before we put it on the curb and brought them to school. My students dipped these branches in white paint and stamped them all over their papers to create snowflake shapes. My art room smelled so good that day and the kids really enjoyed using real branches.

The second day we read Snowballs by my favorite local author, Lois Ehlert. We noticed all the colorful additions Ehlert used to add details to her snow family. We also noticed how snowmen bodies are made up of large, medium, and small circles that are placed on top of one another. Students arranged their paper doilies from biggest to smallest to create their snow person. They had the most fun using their fine motor skills to glue on foam shapes for the details. Don’t you love how the arms on the snow people make them dance??

Inspired by these snowmen over at a Faithful Attempt.



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